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I could tell almost immediately following that cupping treatment that it would have amazing results.  And so far I’m right.  My back just “felt” different, even bending over to tie my sneakers.  Walking, getting into the car and out again.  Yup, as much as I was uncomfortable while you were doing it, I’d do it again in a heartbeat if it started acting up like that.  Think you found what I needed for the spasms, maybe more  I’m not sure yet.  Thank you.

Kathi B.


Being and advocate of alternative medicine, and a longtime patient of chiropractic care, I have actually been anxious for some time to try acupuncture.  When Vicki joined our chapter and we held our first one-to-one, I was impressed by her education, pre-practice experience, and her conviction for the benefits and success of acupuncture.  I embraced the opportunity for this complementary treatment from a trusted practitioner for my chronic back pain and healing wrist.  She conducted a thorough in-take on the first visit, suggesting additional symptoms that she  could treat at the same time during our sessions.  She inserted the needles in very precise body point (and the needles really don’t hurt!) while resting on a comfortable table.  And, lo and behold- sure enough I have experienced relief from the ongoing pains in the targeted muscle and bone areas after just a few weekly sessions.  I encourage anyone to allow Vicki to treat them with gentle acupuncture for chronic pains, illnesses, and other medical issues.

Thank you for your help, Vicki.

Kelly Murphy


Gua Sha on lower back.  Yippee!  It’s amazing.  I did laundry–no back pain and I had 3 loads to fold!  I have been up and down a flight of stairs a dozen times.  Bending over–no lower back pain!  I can’t believe it!  It’s a miracle!  Neck pain is minimal.  The nausea from back pain is gone!  I feel like a human being again– w/ hope!

K. B.


I had nagging muscle tightness that other alternative therapies were helping in the short term but not for a long enough period. Meeting with Vicki was a calming experience. Her very thorough intake touched on my main complaint but she also asked about medical issues I didn’t think were important but she thought merited attention. Besides helping to calm my aching muscles and getting a good night’s sleep for the first time in months, the acupuncture sessions provided instant serenity. It was so calming — Vicki would insert the needles and I would sleep. I would suggest acupuncture to everyone on a regular basis. It’s a wonderful modality with fast results.
Nancy S.


Vicki I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the excellent care I received from you last year. At the time I was experiencing severe pain due to a bulging disc in my lower back. I had been seeing a chiropractor regularly, which helped a little, but I needed something else to help with the pain I was experiencing. Not being one to rely on drugs, which would only mask the problem, I knew I had to seek alternative care.


I have to admit I was very leery at the thought of acupuncture – I am not a person who likes needles at all. But working with you I felt totally at ease. You took the time to do a thorough medical history intake, and look at me as a whole person and not just a sum of my symptoms. This was very refreshing compared to some of the other traditional medical professionals I had seen in the past.


Much to my surprise our sessions together were very relaxing, and I actually looked forward to being a human pin cushion! You not only helped my lower back pain go away, but you also addressed some neck and shoulder issues I had been dealing with for years.


Vicki I love the passion and knowledge you bring to the table. You are a very holistic minded individual who truly cares about her patient’s well-being, and you aren’t afraid to explore all modalities in your toolbox if it’s in your patient’s best interest.


My experience with you was wonderful and I wouldn’t hesitate to refer you to family and friends!


Many Thanks,
Denyne Sanville

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